Monday, January 25, 2016

Castle of Stars

The Castle of stars is a series of French comic created in 2014 by Alex Alice. It is published by Rue de Sèvres. Alex Alice was inspired by texts by authors from the xix th century, including the novel From the Earth to the Moon written by Jules Verne, in order to stage the conquest of space according to the vision of this period. His passion for castles also led him to imagine Louis II in patron of this business. The author wished to retain the widest audience possible, according to the editorial line of the editor Rue de Sèvres. The writing is performed by Alex Nikolavitch. The artwork is hand drawn by Alex Alice, with the help of Anthony Simon for large volumes. Color is added directly to the penciled following the technique of watercolor. The series is prepublished in the form of newspapers, in the image of Jacques Tardi at Casterman. This format has pushed the author to his work cut episodes, following the model of the nineteenth soap operas or TV series such as The Mysterious Cities of Gold.
1868. Dulac Claire adventurer flew aboard his balloon to do what must be the greatest scientific discovery of the era: proving the existence of the ether. While his goal is now within reach, a lightning cloud descends on his balloon, thus putting an end to his wildest dreams. A year later, her husband and her son Archibald Seraphin receive a strange letter from Bavaria. Its anonymous author claims to have found the book of the late explorer and money to join him as soon as possible. Somewhat troubled by this news but also driven by their curiosity, they decide nevertheless to meet the mysterious invitation of their interlocutor.


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