Friday, January 15, 2016

The Marquis of Anaon

The Marquis of Anaon is a series of French comic history. It is based on the legend of the Marquis of Anaon, tells People of xviii century. Scenario: Fabien Vehlmann. Drawings: Matthieu Bonhomme. Colours: Delf. 
In the 1720s, Jean-Baptiste Poulain, son of a merchant and former medical student, travels to countries where mysterious phenomena have been observed or where inexplicable crimes were committed both to enrich his scientific knowledge to come assistance to victims of events that seem supernatural. Spirit Cartesian and rational, it must cope with living in remote regions where reigns the obscurantism and where crisis situations often result in the persecution of groups living on the margins of the community. Relations with the aristocrats are not simpler than the common people, each part of the social body obeying its own prejudices. Like the Wind Passengers, the series of Marquis Anaon recreates the past without betraying the complexity, presenting the reader with the adventures of a character slightly ahead mentality of his time. Following his first adventure, the farmers of the island of Brac gave Jean-Baptiste Poulain the nickname "marquis Anaon", ie lord of lost souls. The dialogues are interspersed with a few anachronisms, such as when the Countess de Almedia, the third album, speaks of "nations" about France and Spain of the early xviii th century; gold this concept will make sense in Europe after 1789.


The Marquis of Anaon T01 - The Isle of Brac [2002] [L169-DBT].cbr | 43 MB | LINK:
The Marquis of Anaon T02 - Black Virgin [2003] [L169-DBT].cbr | 43 MB | LINK:
The Marquis of Anaon T03 - Providence [2004] [L169-DBT].cbr | 63 MB | LINK:
The Marquis of Anaon 003 - The Providence (2015) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 28.38 MB | LINK:
The Marquis of Anaon T04 - The Beast [2006] [L169-DBT].cbr | 51 MB | LINK:
The Marquis of Anaon 004 - The Beast (2015) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 27.66 MB | LINK:
The Marquis of Anaon T05 - The Chamber of Cheops [2008] [L169-KL].cbr | 51 MB | LINK:
The Marquis of Anaon 005 - The Chamber of Cheops (2016) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 44.93MB | LINK:


Le.Marquis.d.Anaon.T01.cbz | 47,76 MB | LINK:

Le.Marquis.d.Anaon.T02.cbz | 47,86 MB | LINK:

Le.Marquis.d.Anaon.T03.cbz | 78,51 MB | LINK:
Le.Marquis.d.Anaon.T04.cbz | 64,72 MB | LINK:
Le.Marquis.d.Anaon.T05.cbz | 81,44 MB | LINK:

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