Friday, January 22, 2016

Golden Cup

Golden Cup is a series of comic French of science fiction. Created by the team: Scenario: Daniel Pecqueur 
Drawing: Alain Henriet. Colours: Schelle Pierre,  Rosa, St├ęphane, Manchu  Chabane, Lounis.
It takes the universe of the series Golden City, although occurring in childhood Harrison Banks, the hero of Golden City. Daytona dreams of becoming a race car driver and win the 500 miles of Daytona. In the meantime he must be content to run on circuits as seedy and dangerous to repay a debt to his manager, a wheeler unscrupulous. One day, however, Daytona escapes from the clutches of this shark and roams the country until meeting an old man of passion. The climate is harsh and cold but Daytona and Borano might find some warmth in the arms of a Girl creatures of the tundra. This however is not that divert them from their course: one a race to win, the other a wealthy heiress must free from the clutches of a group of extremist environmental activist. A moment after the button off the road, the youngest must rally the next check point quickly. The detective, found mainly in the spotlight, must find quickly track of the captive. Golden cup is typical lightning rod figure for part of the BD readership. Derivative of a successful series, it focuses on the occasion the usual wrath that befell a certain type of production: way to tap a vein, or for the more lenient retain the best fans of the series- mother of two volumes.


Golden Cup #1 - Daytona (2004) (Dragonz).cbz | 54,76 MB | LINK:
Golden Cup #2 - 500 Thousand Horses (2005) (Dragonz).cbz | 51,88 MB | LINK:
Golden Cup #3 - Wolves in the Race (2005) (Dragonz).cbz | 54,03 MB | LINK:
Golden Cup #4 - The Girl of the Tundra (2008) (Dragonz).cbz | 59,00 MB | LINK:
Golden Cup #5 - Kiss of the Dragon (2010) (Dragonz-Alice).cbz | 24,59 MB | LINK:
Golden Cup #6 - The Truck from Hell (2015) (Scanlation).cbr | 33,38 MB | LINK:


Golden Cup - Tome 6 - Le Truk Infernal.cbr | 33.52 MB | LINK:


Golden Cup 01 - Daytona.por.ner0 (ESP).cbr | 25.4 MB | LINK:
Golden Cup 02 - 500 Mil Caballos (ESP).cbr | 33.6 MB | LINK:
Golden Cup 03 - Lobos en la etapa especial (ESP).cbr | 51.2 MB | LINK:

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