Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Masked is a heroic action bande-desinee created by Script: Serge Lehman, and Drawing: Stephane Crety. 
Injured during a mission in the Caucasus, Sergeant Frank Braffort returned to Paris after six years of absence. He discovers a changing city orchestrated by the Prefect Beauregard Paris Métropole. A city where the retro rage gigantism and where "anomalies" multiply, mysterious events that no one can explain. A city that will capture Braffort and link their destinies forever . Touched by the plasm, the Special prefect Joel Beauregard tipped into madness. Using television and video system that quadrille the city, he uses his hypnotic power to release all the lower instincts of his fellow citizens, sparking violence in the home as in the street. Captured by the brigade of phenomena, Frank, who still does not understand the powers vested in it, and the gargoyle of the cathedral.


Masked #1 - Anomalies (F) (2012) (Alice).cbz | 27,25 MB | LINK:
Masked #2 - Day of the Melter (2012) (Alice-GP).cbz | 38,65 MB | LINK:
Masked #3 - Chimeras and Gargoyles (2013) (Alice).cbz | 43,29 MB | LINK:
Masked #4 - The Special Prefect (2013) (Alice).cbz | 50,56 MB | LINK:


Masqué - T01 - Anomalies.cbr | 72,77 MB | LINK:
Masqué - T02 - Le jour du fuseur.cbr | 78,37 MB | LINK:
Masqué - T03 - Chimeres et Gargouilles.cbr | 84,33 MB | LINK:
Masque - T04 - Le prefet special.cbr | 153,02 MB | LINK:

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