Friday, January 29, 2016

The Desert Falcon

This airplane war comic is created by Franz Zumstein. Spring 1942, above the Libyan desert illustrate the German airmen involved in the bloody desert war that has just begun. A young man admires the show, Ali. This dream prodigy aviation enthusiast to become a great fighter pilot. So when given the opportunity to fly in the colors of the Afrika Korps, he jumps in a cockpit and flew to his destiny. 
Flying, a dream shared by thousands of people around the world. Libya 1942, the Afrika Korps, the Italians and the Allies are fighting on the southern front. Ali, fascinated by the exploits of aviators, managed, thanks to his skills on the black market, to approach these prodigious flying machines. Arrives he achieve his dream and drive a? Aviation lover, rejoice, a new author appeared. Aeronautical comic is a separate genre that has always fascinated and enjoys still today great popularity. Buck Danny Dan Cooper, Tanguy and Laverdure made the heyday of magazines while more recently Olivier Dauger (Heaven in ruins), Romain Hugault (Last Flight) and Christophe Gibelin (Lead Wings) continue successfully to to "steal" comics.


The Desert Falcon T1 Martuba Airfield (2009) (Dragonz-Sosich).cbr | 44 MB | LINK:
The Desert Falcon T2 Hal Far (2010) (Dragonz-Sosich).cbr | 41 MB | LINK:
The Desert Falcon T3 Bergun (2011) (Dragonz-Sosich).cbr | 53 MB | LINK:
The Desert Falcon T4 Saqqara (2012) (Sosich).cbr | 46 MB | LINK:
The Desert Falcon T5 Novgorod (2014) (Sosich).cbr | 38 MB | LINK:


Le faucon du désert - 01 - Martuba Airfield.pdf | 37.7 MB | LINK:
Le faucon du désert - 02 - Hal Far.pdf | 35.4 MB | LINK:
Le faucon du désert - 03 - Bergün.pdf | 45.7 MB | LINK:
Le faucon du désert - 04 - Saqqara.pdf | 39.6 MB | LINK:


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