Saturday, January 2, 2016

Brelan de Dames

Brelan de Dames is a series of Belgian comic strip published in Editions du Lombard. Script: Jean-Luc Vernal with the help of Jean Dufaux for volumes 5-7. Drawings: Renaud.
Inspired by Charlie's Angels, the series stands out in very quickly since from the second album, the heroines give their resignation to their boss. Indeed, dissatisfied with the mission which had been assigned to them by the CIA during the first adventure, they decide to become independent and choose for themselves their missions.
The characters
  • Jaimie Grisbee: American expert on weapons handling, symbolized by spades.
  • Amanda Wenn: English journalist who does not hesitate to use his charm to get his way, symbolized by the Lady of heart.
  • Laurence Tonkin: Eurasian martial arts champion, symbolized by the Lady of clubs.


Brelan de dames T01 - Operation marees noires.cbr | 29.8MB | LINK:
Brelan de dames T02 - Safari dans l'enfer vert.cbr | 31.1MB | LINK:
Brelan de dames T03 - La vengeance des Mousthikos.cbr | 37.4MB | LINK:
Brelan de dames T04 - Embrouilles en Ghafnistan.cbr | 21.2MB | LINK:
Brelan de dames T05 - La mal├ędiction.cbr | 23.9MB | LINK:
Brelan de dames T06 - Le sang des Dawatah.cbr | 22.3MB | LINK:
Brelan de dames T07 - L'oeil du barracuda.cbr | 29.0MB | LINK:

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