Monday, January 18, 2016

White Tigress

White Tigress is a series of comics drawn by Conrad and scripted by Yann then by Wilbur from Volume 3. This series derived Innommables is published by Dargaud. Volume 4, A spy on the roof, were pre-published in the summer 2007 release and received wide acceptance of newspaper readers. Philippe Sollers speaks in his column in the Sunday newspaper as "the delirium amazing Conrad and Wilbur ". 
Alix Yin Fu, a young Chinese woman, between the Gong Ju year, the secret service of the communist regime. China is in the midst of civil war between the nationalists of Chiang Kai-shek and the Communists of Mao Zedong. During his first mission (volumes 1 and 2) she rubs the underworld Hong-Kong and the jet set of all British settlers seeking a nuclear bomb lost US (that of Shukumeï Series The Innommables). The third volume of the series, The Art of Happiness fifth, sending Alix Yin Fu in San Francisco where it must be driven by a French sympathizer officer appointed Rousseau. Maurice Rousseau principal occupation to track down Japanese war criminals refugees on US territory. Launched in the footsteps of the famous Masanobu Tsuji, Alix must prove that it can kill in cold blood if it is not to become a "fly gathering pollen," an agent who prostitute to obtain information from the enemy. A spy on the roof (Volume 4) takes place in China, Shanghai, and focuses on the struggle between the Chinese secret services. It shows for the first time the head of Gong Ju year, Kang Sheng and all the underworld fauna of Shanghai after the war. The fifth volume of The Year of the Phoenix takes place in Hong Kong, Shanghai and London. He concludes the first cycle. The White Tigress are stalked by the agent 005 of MI6, but the worst danger comes from inside the Gong Ju year.


White Tigress #1 - On the Great Helmsman's Secret Service (2005) (Kakanian & Alice).cbz | 63,30 MB | LINK:
White Tigress #2 - Peach Skin and Silk Ties (2005) (Kakanian & Alice).cbz | 59,11 MB | LINK:
White Tigress #3 - The Art of the Fifth Rapture (2006) (Kakanian & Alice).cbz | 63,83 MB | LINK:
White Tigress #4 - A Spy on the Roof (2007) (Kakanian & Alice).cbz | 61,03 MB | LINK:
White Tigress #5 - The Year of the Phoenix (2008) (Kakanian & Alice).cbz | 62,47 MB | LINK:
White Tigress #6 - The Mikado Strategy (2008) (Alice & Vargas).cbr | 62,53 MB | LINK:
White Tigress #7 - See Paris and Die (2010) (Vargas).cbr | 55,50 MB | LINK:


Tigresse Blanche - 01 - Au service secret du grand timonier.cbr | 13.8 MB | LINK:
Tigresse Blanche - 02 - Peau de pêche et cravate de soie.cbr | 13.7 MB | LINK:
Tigresse Blanche - 03 - L'art du cinquième bonheur.cbr | 15.8 MB | LINK:
Tigresse Blanche - 04 - Une espionne sur le toit.cbr | 18.6 MB | LINK:
Tigresse Blanche - 05 - l'année du phenix.cbr | 15.0 MB | LINK:
Tigresse Blanche - 06 - La Theorie Du Mikado - (Wilbur-conrad²).cbz | 13.8 MB | LINK:
Tigresse Blanche - Tome 7 - Voir Paris et Mourir.cbr | 78.85 MB | LINK:

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