Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Gentleman Who Did Not Like Guns

The Gentleman Who Did Not Like Guns is a series of French comedy comic, scripted by Wilfrid Lupano, designed by Paul Salomone.
At the far west, an English lord and a thick gross seek revenge a pushy and sexy lady, herself courted by a Mexican bandit and a porter asshole. Mouthing a spaghetti western gleefully noted! A truck crosses the arid far-west, with on board an English lord distinguished and talkative, a Norwegian colossus which is expressed by rumbling and macchabé a Mexican bandit. Obviously, gentlemen Byron Peck and Knut Hoggaard (both alive) have drawn some fire information Rodriguez (the death). So they outgrow it without scruple, swinging the vultures. Nearby, the young Tim Bishop, a lousy porter, is ejected from a moving train, the railroad train controller in which it had taken place as a stowaway. Tim was blissfully followed aboard Margot Garin, an elegant lady, overwhelmed by her beauty (and her cleavage lace). However, a second just after his painful landing in the scree, the train brakes in emergency because of an attack by Mexican bandits. The gunmen rob passengers and conscientiously preparing to rape the young lady (it's in the order of things) ... crafty, it passes a pact with their leader, Manolo Cruz. She promises him a juicy conspiracy, for a smoking blow. Greedy, the head leaves him a respite, time it is due. He takes her into their lair, a hacienda in ruins, a few miles away. Thus, in the evening, while Manolo Cruz was persuaded by Margot plan Garin, Peck and Hoggaard observe the scene from afar telescopic binoculars. They also locate the clumsy approach Tim Bishop, who followed them until then ...


The Gentleman Who Did Not Like Guns #1 - Chili Con Carnage (F) (2011) (Alice).cbz | 57,67 MB | LINK:
The Gentleman Who Did Not Like Guns #2 - On The Madison Trail (F) (2013) (Alice).cbz | 70,68 MB | LINK:
The Gentleman Who Did Not Like Guns 03 - The Mystery of the Spider Woman (2014) (Scanlation).cbr | 79,55 MB | LINK:


L'homme qui n'aimait pas les armes à feu Tome 1.cbr | 60,37 MB | LINK:
L'homme qui n'aimait pas les armes à feu Tome 2.cbr | 88,07 MB | LINK:


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