Monday, January 4, 2016


Caesar, or "Cesar and Ernestine" is a series of comic humorous from Belgian author Maurice Tillieux. It depicts a cartoonist comic named Caesar facing everyday problems and Ernestine, the daughter of his neighbor which he is required to deal with. It must also support his housekeeper, Eglantine, and its neighbor the police officer Petitcarné. The series, first published in the newspaper Spirou between 1957 and 1959, is then transferred to the paper The Mosquito between 1959 and 1966, before the gags appeared in The Mosquito be published again in Spirou and editor Dutch Robbedoes of 1969 in 1973. The series is published in parallel in four albums in paperback and then republished in full year 1980 and 90, as well as in November 2011.
The series tells the daily life of Caesar, a single cartoon designer in the great drama of life. He would like a quiet life, but unfortunately for him, he must bear Ernestine, the daughter of his neighbor which he is required to deal, the police officer Petitcarné, neighbor and father of Ernestine that sticks tickets for nothing and housekeeper Eglantine not live.


[BD Fr] Cesar - 01.cbz | 41.1MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 02.cbz | 44.5MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 03.cbz | 38.7MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 04.cbz | 38.7MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 05.cbz | 39.6MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 06.cbz | 40.3MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 07.cbz | 39.0MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 08.cbz | 39.3MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 09.cbz | 41.4MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 10.cbz | 43.3MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 11.cbz | 37.9MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 12.cbz | 38.7MB | LINK:
[BD Fr] Cesar - 13.cbz | 55.0MB | LINK:

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