Thursday, January 21, 2016

The North Star

This comic created by Designer :Philippe Delaby and Writer: Luc Delisse in 1994. Published by Le Lombard with only 3 editions.
There is a king of France plunged up to his neck in trouble. Plots, ruins finances, threat of war with the English, betrayal of his wife, revolt provinces. There is a dark secret that the kings of France is transmitted from generation to generation and which could change the face of the world. There is a series of abbeys, in the United State, living in a closed circuit and will recognize no other authority than that of God. There is the omnipresent death. There the devil is in the world like a worm in the fruit.


Etoile Polaire1.cbr | 252.6 MB | LINK:
Etoile Polaire2.cbr | 290.5 MB | LINK:
Etoile Polaire3.cbr | 71.8 MB | LINK:

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