Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jason Brice

London, 1920. After the Great War, many mediums and other spiritualists who against hard cash to help grieving mothers or wives to "communicate" with their disappeared son or husband. Jason Brice, Cartesian nature detective by profession, his lucidity and offers its services to these women ready to believe anything. It dismantles the tips, tricks and scams of these merchants of the occult, the paranormal who has a background of very lucrative business. 
Disillusioned by the inhumanity of some and the naivety of others, Jason Brice does not believe in much, and certainly not the dark forces! Until one day a pretty young woman asks him to investigate a mysterious book in which is told in detail killing his close. ScĂ©nario: Alcante (Didier Swysen) | Design: Milan Jovanovic.


Jason Brice T01 - The Written [2008] [L169-DBT].cbr | 78 MB | LINK:
Jason Brice T02 - The Hidden [2009] [L169-DBT].cbr | 75 MB | LINK:
Jason Brice T03 - The Revealed [2010] [L169-DBT].cbr | 73 MB | LINK:


Jason Brice 1 - Lo Que Esta Escrito.cbr | 24 MB | LINK:
Jason Brice 2 - Lo Que Esta Oculto.cbr | 30 MB | LINK:
Jason Brice 3 - Lo Que Es Revelado.cbr | 61 MB | LINK:


Jason Brice T1 #1 (de 3) (2008).pdf | 42 MB | LINK:
Jason Brice T2 #2 (de 3) (2009).pdf | 63 MB | LINK:
Jason Brice T3 #3 (de 3) (2010).pdf | 90 MB | LINK:

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