Monday, May 2, 2016

The Wondrous Adventure of

Sigmund Freud's tired old biddies hysterical. He decided to test a new continent and to exercise his talents on the cowboys. So he landed in America with his faithful assistant Igor, who groan: Vienna was the glory and the good life, and here in a hostile country, full of scorpions and Mexican killers. Sigmund, what worries him is the absence of sofas. Meanwhile, the poor mutt Spot suffered the worst abuse Penitentiary Pessimistic Lines, specializing in stray dogs. Every Sunday, the priest reminds them why they are with the mess they have no soul. So Spot wants a soul, he will pick from the Tacomo shaman. To do this, he escaped from the penitentiary. No introduction Sigmund Freud, but he will be present ". Viennese psychoanalyst world renowned neuroses of all kinds, psychoses wholesale and semi-wholesale" Nevertheless, since he questions the indigenous on their childhood and mom - usually raped and murdered - the result is distressing. "We are making progress," he said nevertheless whenever it sinks. What is wrong is the somewhat brutal experiences of each: this country has only victims and executioners. The executioners are infréquentables and victims too resigned for the treatment is working. But no question of return empty-handed in Vienna. Sigmund like to psychoanalyze an American - "even a little would do" - and he swears to drain thoroughly next neurotic who cross his path. The neurotic is Spot, the dog who wants a soul.
A dream psy! According to Sigmund, old bluestem Academy will be green. According to Igor, they will rather die of laughter. "Do not care, 'em lunch," replied soberly Sigmund. The Good, the Bad and the couch. The convoluted paths (and monomaniac) psychoanalyst parachuted into a world without faith or law, is an interesting clash. For example, if the guardians of the penitentiary (born killers) are attacking the dog is that they make us "anal caprice probably traumatic order," Sigmund advance. "We're making progress." For his first solo comic Dargaud, Larcenet offers a western hilarious, a little-known page (and somewhat crazy) the life of Sigmund Freud, and a beautiful story of friendship between a man and a dog. The Wondrous Adventure of created by Manu Larcenet.


The Wondrous Adventures of Freud - Dog Years.7z | 10 MB | LINK:
The Wondrous Adventure of Vincent Van Gogh - At the Frontline.7z | 13 MB | LINK:


Une aventure rocambolesque de 1 Sigmund Freud - Le Temps de Chien.cbz | 16 MB | LINK:
Une aventure rocambolesque de 2 Vincent Van Gogh - La Ligne de Front.cbz | 22 MB | LINK:
Une aventure rocambolesque de 3 Attila le Hun - Le FlĂ©au des Dieux.cbz | 19 MB | LINK:

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