Friday, May 13, 2016

Black Stone

Paris, in 1860. Nelson and Jenny Sullivan Staightback end their miserable association with Jean-Jacques Bonneteau to try their luck in London. But the meager success they manage to get the child ends when they are on stage to mine to make it disappear actually evaporates. Before fleeing the angry crowd, Nelson just time identify in the box where the boy was, a black stone. While his former companions in the most crases galleys, Nelson boarded a liner in the direction of the United States, and realizes with shock that is now really able to do magic.
It is in a gothic atmosphere and shrouded in mystery that prompts for Black Stone, new series where the dark meanderings of the human spirit are as much to fear as occult powers magic a series of near mind movies the Prestige and the Illusionist Neil Burger, where magic and real magic cleverly combine for a fantastic and exciting plot. Scenario: Eric Corbeyran. Design: Eric Chabbert.


Black Stone T1 The Magicians (2012) (Sosich & Agarthy).cbr | 72 MB | LINK:
Black Stone T2 New York (2013) (Sosich & V2).cbr | 37 MB | LINK:


Black Stone T01 - Les Magiciens.pdf | 28 MB | LINK:
Black Stone T02 - New York.pdf | 28 MB | LINK:

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