Saturday, May 7, 2016


A young stowaway meeting during a transatlantic crossing a young girl of good family and they become accomplices. Reminds you of something? Except it's not the Titanic but of Normandy. 
Nino continues its study trip to America who sailed to America. Claudia travel on the same boat, but in first class, with his uncle and guardian, Count Del Ponte Vecchio, big Sicilian fortune and to Napoleon III goatee. Count decided to invest part of its assets in business Ennio Macaroni, a brilliant New York businessman. Businessman, if you want! Macaroni is actually a horrible gangster, fat, ugly, stupid and mean, Having contributed to the arrest of the odious and adipose Ennio Macaroni, sentenced to three years in prison for non-payment of 732 tickets, Nino and Mac Cab aspired maybe
a little relaxation. But no question of holidays! One become a comic book hero resting? ScĂ©nario : Hec Leemans. Design : Dirk Stallaert.


Nino-T01- Le voyage en amerique.djvu | 21 MB | LINK:
Nino-T02- La.princesse de manhattan.cbz | 36 MB | LINK:
Nino-T03- Le grand dragon.cbz | 36 MB | LINK:

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