Thursday, May 19, 2016


Space. Ice. Infinite. Tomb of what remains of three glorious empires left to conquer, and eventually kill until only one left to rule the mass grave finally created. No one ? Not quite. At the bottom of a gigantic galactic high security prison and autonomous, live in separate areas, outcasts forgotten those three races HISP, Ethereal, Humans and their variants posthuman. None of them knows that they are the last survivors. Forced to work together to turn agricultural machines for all to live, the status quo is about to be broken. A man is poised to take control of the prison by force. A warrior with strange powers who hides a dark secret. A relentless leader. An emperor in power. This man a name, whose world will remember. This name ? Khaal. Scénario : Louis. Design : Valentin Sécher.
Khaal is now master of the vessel ogre who destroyed and assimilated all the planets he meets. The emperor is however not satisfied because a vision - a call - eating him: his destiny lies elsewhere, to a people that hope and enable it to become a god. However, any organization has its weaknesses. For the tyrant, they are two brothers, which confer powers and who chose to go into exile in the bowels of the organic aisle, avoiding the excesses of the being to which they are linked. The few opponents of the despot will look to take advantage of this situation. After a first powerful and promising part is the end of a saga which obviously suffers from having to conclude in two volumes instead of three. Louis still pays a consistent sequel ideas and symbols abound.


Khaal - Chronicle of a Galactic Emperor #1 (Book One) (Sosich-Nemo-CST).cbr | 65 MB | LINK:
Khaal - Chronicle of a Galactic Emperor #2 (Book Two) (Sosich-Nemo-CST).cbr | 63 MB | LINK:
Khaal 03 (of 04) (2017) (3 covers) (digital) (d'argh-Empire).cbr | 51.30 MB | LINK:


Khaal - Chronique d'Un Empereur Galactique - Tome 1 - Livre Premier.cbr | 130 MB | LINK:
Khaal - Chronique d'Un Empereur Galactique - Tome 2 - Livre Second.cbr | 140 MB | LINK:


  1. The links of all the french volumes are dead. Please kindly re-upload. Thanks

    1. Hi. Thx FYI, the links fixed now :)