Monday, May 16, 2016

Francois Sans Nom

At the end of the Hundred Years War, the reign of Louis XI. François Sans Nom is a trail surveyor, a vagabond who travels as opportunities arise. They say he would be the poet Villon, missing since his forced exile in Paris. François unabated more than he nods. His physique and age suggests that he has no life easy. Scholar, resourceful, cheerful, it can also show irascible, brutal and merciless. He put his backpack in a sculptor who works with new ornaments of the cathedral in honor of the bishop of Aussigny Thibault. François prefers more provocative works, those hidden deep in the workshop. 
Félyzée, a little thief pulls the cheeky, crosses his path one day. 
Thief pickpocketing, felize was spotted as she attempts to steal a purse at the market. Fleeing the watch, she is helped by a stranger she follows up with a stonemason. Hired as a cook, the girl rubs her providential savior but failed to pierce the mystery surrounding this François Sans Nom. Arriving in town a year earlier, the man seems marked by life, does not like the soldiery and becomes a poet. Scenario: Sylvain Runberg. Design: Marco Bianchini. Francois Sans Nom.


Francois Sans Nom V1 The Sculptor & The Thief (2011) (Esad & Jon Snow & Sosich).cbr | 65 MB | LINK:
Francois Sans Nom V2 New Joan (2013) (Jon Snow & Sosich & Veseli22).cbr | 76 MB | LINK:


François Sans Nom - Tome 1 - Le Sculpteur et la Voleuse.cbr | 127 MB | LINK:
François Sans Nom - Tome 2 - La Nouvelle Jeanne.cbr | 146 MB | LINK:

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