Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blue Note

Prohibition, J - 30. Jack Doyle has sworn: he did not set foot in a boxing ring and will fight for more money. Alcohol, gangsters, the "gangrene" as he calls all that, it's over! Yet the past sticks to the skin. And for a fight, only one, Jack plunges into the bowels of a city he loves as much as he hates. Because New York has this powerful spell of "speakeasies" where you can toast until dawn and wooing beautiful women. Where one gets drunk to the rhythm of jazz tunes played by the best musicians of the moment. Jack Doyle is a pure malt Irish. A boxer who gives more than he receives a guy a little too right to succeed in the Middle. 1933, New York! A good swig of mafia, a touch of jazz, plus a generous dose of blows - preferably low. Everything happened in a shaker (especially not with a spoon!) And served chilled. 
Here Blue Note. A black fleece, a wry nothing With this first installment, Mathieu Mariolle book a classic scenario on form, deep on the bottom. Engaging a parallel between the end of Prohibition and the twilight of an old pugilistic glory of the ring, he counts down the last moments of one or the other before the final gong. So is he a man ready to return to his old demons for the beauty of the noble art. An idealist who fights against corruption gangrening a city he no longer recognizes, but which emerge fascinating melodies. Car Jack appreciates the swing as he likes to distribute them. On such a synopsis, Mikael Bourgouin offers simple graphic that violent, like an uppercut, goes to the essential. His line depicts a world of compromise where the only color is red: the shorts, gloves or, more prosaically, the spurting of broken cheek bones or fractured arcades With some cinematographic incursions - there's Gabin in Coburn - and the beginnings of a second round announced as musical, Blue Note is listed as one of the best albums of the moment. " Four leather balls, and suddenly two rolling ... Boxing, boxing ... ".  Scenario:  Mariolle Mathieu,  Bourgouin, Mickaël. Design:  Bourgouin, Mickaël.


Blue Note T1 Final Hours Of The Prohibition (2013) (Sosich).cbr | 51 MB | LINK:
Blue Note T2 Final Hours Of The Prohibition (2014) (Sosich).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:


Blue Note Tome 1.pdf | 69 MB | LINK:
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  1. I just read the corpus hermeticum series, very good, lovecraftian, but the part 5 from the english edition is missing.

    1. Hi,sorry for the mistake,part 5 ENG corpus hermeticum link has been added now, thx fyi :D