Friday, May 27, 2016

Lords of War

War is not a game Private Military Company second class, appeared in Serbia on the ruins of the last war in 2021, Kali has nothing of great military enterprise. Employees are not mercenaries have high life expectancy! But the box has its advantages, including a recruitment lax allowing the mysterious Marik Damien be their new mech pilot, these modern tanks including the Balkans were the first to land exercise. Just arrived, Marik is recruited for a seemingly innocuous assignment: escorting an arms dealer in base of the insurgents. When The Shield and The 12 Salopards meet Jason Bourne! Recounting anticipation fed to the American series and video games, Warlords is a critical hollow modern conflicts far as a formidable series of crossbred War political thriller. 
2018. More than ever the Balkans are a powder keg ready to engulf the world. In a country adrift, private military companies mushrooming to the delight of local warlords. But on the world stage, they are just pawns. Upcoming events will load to remind them. Scenario: Guillaume Dorison, Elyum Studio. Design: Jean-Baptiste Hostache. Lords of War.


Lords of War T1 Marik (2012) (Sosich&V2).cbr | 40 MB | LINK:
Lords of War T2 Vareck (2013) (Sosich&V2).cbr | 37 MB | LINK:


Les seigneurs de guerre 1 - Marik.cbr | 98.8 MB | LINK:
Les seigneurs de guerre 2 - Vareck.cbr | 114.2 MB | LINK:

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