Thursday, May 12, 2016


For the Vikings, a "Skraeling" is a cripple from birth, as saying a curse. Yet Asgard, old warrior Hilde, nicknamed "Pied-de-fer" because of its steel leg is the greatest fighter of Fjordland. Embarked on a makeshift Viking ship, Asgard is off in pursuit of a mysterious sea monster killing fishermen. As they sink into the icy fiords, his companions are convinced that the creature they pursue is the world-snake, whose coming heralds the end of the Viking world Ragna Rök. Crunch time for Asgard following the bloody confrontation with the Krökken. Frost, extreme cold, and sometimes there are only a few days for survivors to take shelter. Flanked of only two survivors Sieglind and Kristen, Asgard "Pied-de-fer" starts up. But it may well be that the hunter becomes prey in turn. Doubt sets in, the monster he would Jörmundgand, the world-serpent, son of the gods.


Asgard T1 Iron Foot (2012) (LRS).cbr | 67 MB | LINK:
Asgard T2 The World Serpent (2013) (LRS).cbr | 75 MB | LINK:


Asgard - T01 - Pied de Fer [Meyer-Dorison].cbr | 70.53 MB | LINK:
Asgard - T02 - Le Serpent - Monde [1920].cbr | 77.33 MB | LINK:

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