Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Land of the Vampires

Land of the Vampires or The Last Ones is a horror bande dessinee. A post-apocalyptic road movie tale where Earth has been turned into a vampires' hunting ground. Publication in 3 volumes - completed work.
A cataclysm has transformed the Earth's atmosphere, blocking out all ultraviolet light, plunging it into a new ice age, and giving vampires free reign across the planet. With the human race threatened with extinction, two adults and a handful of children struggle to survive, hidden in the rubble of a ravaged Spanish city. Led by a mysterious savior who joins them, they embark on one last, desperate gamble to cross Europe in search of refuge, to where the last of humanity is gathered. Writer : David Muñoz. Art : Manuel Garcia.


Land of the Vampires T1 Exodus (2013) (Sosich & Leto).cbr | 37 MB | LINK:
Land of the Vampires T2 Requiem (2014) (Sosich & Leto).cbr | 39 MB | LINK:
Land of the Vampires T3 Resurrection (2015) (Sosich & Leto).cbr | 47 MB | LINK:


La Terre des Vampires - Tome 1 - Exode.cbr | 69.8 MB | LINK:
La Terre des Vampires - Tome 2 - Requiem.cbr | 70.6 MB | LINK:
La Terre des Vampires - Tome 3 - Resurrection.cbr | 81 MB | LINK:

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