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Charlemagne crushed the Saxons and shot their pagan idol, Yrminsull. The price was heavy: Ambrose, bearer of the sword Durandal was killed in the confrontation. The legendary blade should return to his little son, Roland de Bretagne. Roland is too young, Durandal is then entrusted to a mysterious warrior came from distant Iceland. Years pass and the country's situation deteriorates. Roland has only Durandal will give him the power to restore order. 
In the year 772, tired Saxon multiple attacks against the Frankish population, Charlemagne meets a gigantic army to oust the enemy out of the kingdom. A terrible battle began at the end of which the Saxons are defeated. The victory, however bitter Ambrose, Earl of March of Brittany and friend of the king, is killed during the fight. The day of his funeral, and against all odds, the legendary sword Durandal beyond his legitimate heir to take the way of Iceland. A period of unrest begins in lands of Britain. The Celtic collection published by Editions Soleil is enriched with a new title. Amid legends borrowed from the Gallic and Scandinavian civilizations, Nicolas Jarry (The Mists of Asceltis) delivers a very personal adaptation of one of the most famous epics of the Middle Ages. Skilfully blending historical facts, folk tales and elements straight out of his imagination. Scenario: Nicolas Jarry. Design: Gwendal Lemercier.


Durandal T1 March of Brittany (2010) (Sosich & Stripzona).cbr | 58 MB | LINK:
Durandal T2 March of Brittany (2010) (Sosich & Stripzona).cbr | 62 MB | LINK:
Durandal T3 March of Brittany (2011) (Sosich & Stripzona).cbr | 59 MB | LINK:
Durandal T4 March of Brittany (2012) (Sosich & Stripzona).cbr | 61 MB | LINK:


Durandal - Volume 1 (A Colori).cbr | 58.49 MB | LINK:
Durandal - Volume 2 (A Colori).cbr | 63.68 MB | LINK:
Durandal - Volume 3 (A Colori).cbr | 65.86 MB | LINK:
Durandal - Volume 4 (A Colori).cbr | 68.24 MB | LINK:


Durandal - Tome 1 - La Marche de Bretagne I.cbr | 74.67 MB | LINK:
Durandal - Tome 2 - La Marche de Bretagne II.cbr | 78.82 MB | LINK:
Durandal - Tome 3 - La Marche de Bretagne III.cbr | 78.77 MB | LINK:
Durandal - Tome 4 - La Marche de Bretagne IV (Repost).cbr | 81.82 MB | LINK:

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