Thursday, March 31, 2016


Finkel is a series of sea adventures comics. Screenplay: Didier Convard. Design: Christian Gine. 
While most of the land was covered with oceans, "coral disease" takes proportions increasingly worrisome. The liquor of existence becomes more and more rare. Or is it that can survive for children with the disease, "dream child". It is in this context that a child with the perfect mutation: it is able to live in the water like a fish. Thus began a great competition between the "Feder-Company", who wants to work for the good of all, and the "Nek-Amas" who want to control the trade and impose their conditions. The Finkel rector is charged by the Feder Company to recover the mutant child before Nek Amas do it by force.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Eternals

The Eternals is a series of French comic. Scenario: Yann. Drawing: Félix Meynet.  The series combines police, action, espionage, romance. As in the best James Bond , agents with modern sophistication. As RA glasses (augmented reality) that provide real-time information on the scenes observed: armament, mindset, intentions of the protagonists. Eternals form a more or less secret organization responsible for the "police" of diamonds . They work in Antwerp , for the rich diamond, monitor transactions, transportation of diamonds. All work under pseudonym, discretion is one of its basic rules, professionalism at all times another. (The love affairs between agents are strictly prohibited).
Uma, a rather depressed young policewoman, have not heard from her twin for twelve years. The day she discovers a skull bearing all the characteristics of her sister, she is kidnapped by the Eternals. It must replace his sister Mira within the organization.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Pacific Air Farce

Scenario: Hervé Richez. Design: Barbaud Jean. Somewhere in the Pacific, the US Air Force squadron has a shock. If the fate of the war is at stake, do not particularly appeal to them. Warthog, Radada, Swimbad and their leader Bogoss are as diving and crumpled metal. 
These dézingueurs answer the war cry "and shouldeurze damned!" and each mission, they make sure to leave work to their mechanics and especially nurses. Attention gags bombing in sight. Everyboy inside ! The Pacific Air Farce.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Major Arcana

Major Arcana is a series of French comic derivative of the series of the same writer of Arcana. Its name is an allusion to the tarot. Script: Jean-Pierre Pécau. Designs and colors: Damien. 
Late 1950s, early 1960s, The Vane Foundation recruits and trains and female players: people able to influence on chance and the future through simple cards resembling those of tarot but in their hands, become dangerous tools retro-synchronicity . Chance, a member of the foundation and big cheater card games, is a day to spare a few shots at a party poker by Pandora, teenager who seems to know his master play. Chance decided to take her under his wing, to become his guardian before taking him to the Vane Foundation, where she will receive her education.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Arcane is a series of French comic . Two other series are derived: Major Arcana and The Secret History. Script: Jean-Pierre Pécau. Drawings: Frédéric Campoy (Volume 1), Roland Pignault (Volume 2), Bojan Kovačević (volumes 3-5), Dejan Nenadov (volumes 6-10). 
Walter Duncan and teammate Miss Mood are part of a government organization called Stargate. Establishment in the early 1990s, she recruits "players", men and women can influence luck, and therefore the future through cards called Arcana resembling those of a play tarot . In their hands, they have the power to manipulate chance with a dependent scope of the faculties of the manipulator. Thus, there Stargate ranks ranging from the traditional tarot figures to the figures (eg Walter is a rider, that is to say a senior rank). Vane descendant of the Foundation and the Magic committee, Stargate is more focused on the use of cards as their origin and their powers. To this end, it sends its players around the world to complete missions where the odds of success are extremely low and the probability of dying extremely high.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sexy Gun

The 'Sexy Gun' know how to use a weapon with dexterity. Nobody resist Sexy Gun, a western mixing humor, action, light and cynicism! Tom Reck tells the epic four heroines, dancers killer to pledge and cowgirls. "He y'avait Svetlana, a Scandinavian pétroleuse behalf family simply unpronounceable. Ann Oakley, the sharpshooter 's Wild West Show Buffalo Bill. (A nice guy in this case ...), Betty Boots, which has big boobs! Hey! Hey! Hey! Like I always say, there never has too many! And Li Ming, a pearl of Asia. 
It's said that the governor of California is offering 100 pesos per Indian scalp! 100 pesos, really? That's what they say! California is a territory best avoided by the Sexy Gun while the whites are hunting Indians. The 'Sexy Gun' are in pursuit of Mummie's treasure with a resilient Squaw in their trail; and scalp-hunters on hers! Creators: Fréderic Brrémaud (writer), Mathieu Reynes (artist), Valerie Vernay (colorist).

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Desert Star

It all started in 1870 in Washington. Matt Montgomery occupies an important position in the Ministry of Interior: a small routine life official, dull. But this reassuring balance burst one evening when he returned home, his wife lying on the steps of their home, killed in terrible ways. Horror of horrors, their daughter suffered the same fate. Who committed such a crime and most importantly, why? Matt Montgomery launches into the deep West in search of the killer. Created by Stephen Desberg and Drawings by Enrico Marini. The Desert Star.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


United States, near future charge to infiltrate a gang of blacks who roam the rail network, Pearse Métis cop must choose sides. Police and racist militia against pirate gangs manipulations, cynicism and murder are the only laws this anticipation universe. Scenario: David Chauvel, Picture: Fred Simon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Alexia's Demons

Alexia's Demons is a series of Belgian comic . This series was launched in 2004 to Dupuis editions. In the first album, Alexia is a job search exorcist. She was recruited by the CPRS, an agency appointed by the authorities to protect the world of occult forces while keeping secret their very existence. After arriving at the CPRS, Sarah Perkins, Salem witch whose remains are kept at the CPRS, caused a wave of deaths. Alexia discovers that he is his ancestor, and designed to make her a witch too. What Sarah Perkins succeeded in pushing to kill Alexia (transforming the spectrum). In the second album, Alexia seeks to explore the area 85. The necromancer Olof Zünd is his ally, despite tensions between them. But when Stoughton, former director, out of the coma, it excludes Alexia the CPRS. 
In the third album, Alexia went to the land of the occult, Yorthopia. Meanwhile, the replacement director (fired), Olof Zünd and Harold Pleston trying to prevent Stoughton Berenice force to bear his child. In the fourth album, the specter of Sarah Perkins Alexia manipulates him to cast a spell in order to "protect" the director Stoughton. The result was the massacre of all personnel present at CPRS, Olof Zünd being the only survivor at the scene, while the innkeeper Gabriel had prevented Harold and Bernice Pleston to go there. Survivors see only one way to save the CPRS: do Alexia, both witch and exorcist, their director. Scenario:Vincent Dugomier, Drawing: Benoît Ers.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Violine is a French comic book series, as well as the name of its main character, created by Didier "Tronchet" Vasseur and Fabrice Tarrin. Other than her own series, Violine is also a recurring character in Spirou magazine.
Violine is a young girl with a special power: a stare from her large violet eyes allows her to read one's thoughts and intentions. She lives in a mansion with her wealthy and domineering mother, who is somehow immune to this power. Her mother claims that Violine's father has died when she was three, but after finding evidence to the contrary, Violine embarks to Africa as a stowaway in search for him.

Monday, March 21, 2016

White Crows

This comic is created by Jean-François Bergeron AKA Djief (story, writer). Mikaël (artist, pencil, colors). Published by Soleil, 2011-2012. 
In 2253, following a failed planetary conquest and turbulent interstellar relations, human empire is in tatters and reputation too. Extraterrestrial civilizations have learned to depend on their trust that the human race could be disastrous. Since humanity is the mob of the galaxy. At the heart of the steel giant anthill, police Willis grows a pragmatism that ensures a balance against a life of misery. Until her 15 year old daughter, Shelly with her robot servant Vector arrives. Between the ghosts of the past and the difficult reunion will be the starting point for this blended family in the harsh world of the planet and rough Primor. White Crows.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Roland el corsario

Roland el corsario is a series of episodes written by HG Oesterheld and drawn by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez for the publisher Columba, published by episodes in his magazine Fantasy from 1972 to 1974 (the story continued after leaving Joseph Luis Garcia Lopez, with other artists) after the departure of Garcia Lopez, the graph was in charge of one of his classmates: David Mangiarotti, who had participated in the development of some of the pages of the series. Then follow several other artists.. The script, being adventurous, is the customary level of Oesterheld and drawing Garcia Lopez, despite having only 24 years old, is really good, possibly in his subsequent career in the United States does not improve. Prior to this story, Garcia Lopez, had drawn comic romance, both Argentina in magazines Columba, as for the United States, from 1970 to the publisher Charlton. The first episode of this series was published in the Yearbook No. 13 Fancy magazine in December 1972 was the only work they did together Oesterheld and Garcia Lopez, and also the last thing that drew large Spanish-Argentine illustrator before his departure to the United States who, throughout the 27 chapters completed, he knew fleshiness and give personality to this particular group of French privateers. 
Roland, the young commander of the Black Cayman, Garrote, the second mate, Gaspar, first officer and narrator of the story, and a dozen seasoned seamen, always ready to fight the enemies of his country.

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Slhoka is a series of comic strip of science fiction. Scenario: Godderidge. Drawing: Floch (volumes 1-3) - Ceyles (Volume 4-9). The plane of the army led by Ar'n Okrane and his copilot Slhoka is in distress over an ocean world Archoïde Link. The planet is at war for seven years. The peoples of Okrane and zeide opposed to the domination of the planet.
The aircraft crashed on an island unknown. The two drivers are collected, cared for by the people of browned. Slhoka is healed through the beautiful Leidjill. Life flows calmly in this island paradise away from war. Slhoka lives a romance with Leidjill who introduced him to some aspects of the religion of his tribe. But the aircraft flying over the island Okrane army and suddenly opened fire at anything that moves. Leidjill risked his life followed by Slhoka rushes to the arches of the dream. The world of Slhoka scale.

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Bellybuttons

The Bellybuttons (French: Les Nombrils) is a French Canadian comics series written by Maryse Dubuc (credited as "Dubuc") and illustrated by her husband, Marc "Delaf" Delafontaine. Dubuc and Delafontaine are based in Sherbrooke, Quebec. 
The series, characterised as "chick lit in graphic novel format" by Cinebook, focuses on three girls—two glamorous and vain, and one homely and down-to-earth—who test their friendships against popularity, boys and jealousy. To each other, they are considered frenemies—at times they help each other out, while at other times they compete for the same man. In both languages, the name of the series is derived from the body piercing jewellery that the main characters Jenny and Vicky wear in their navels. The title also refers to Jenny and Vicky referring themselves as the "world's bellybutton".
The tagline for the series is "Life is Cruel. Deal with it." In the original French version, "La vie est cruelle. Et puis après ?" (Life is cruel. So what?).

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Arkadi’s World

Arkadi’s World is a series of comic of Caza. This series of science fiction mixes science with mythology. It had a first existence of 1989 to 1996 with associated Humanoids , then reappeared in 2000 at Delcourt with the publication of a prologue, Nocturnes , and the re-release of Shadow of Age. Volumes 1-6 have been adjusted in their reissue and the series continued under the title Chronicles of the fixed earth.
There is 10,000 years, the Earth stopped spinning, kicking off the era of mass. Since that day, the Earth keeps a constantly face turned towards the Sun while the broken moon forms a ring around the planet. Humans gather mainly on the twilight zone between day and night while mutants inhabit the night area. An ideal city remains: Dis , the city-dome at the heart of the night, peopled with politicians who are served by different cyborgs called "Titans". In this world, we follow the quest Arkadi son of Arkas, and his companions in search of gold-fe, the poet titan.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Soda is a Franco-Belgian comics series by Tome (writing) and Bruno Gazzotti (art). The first two albums and the first eleven pages of the third were drawn by Luc Warnant. It first appeared in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou on 29 April 1986. 
Soda is the nickname of the main character of the series, NYPD Lieutenant David Elliot Hanneth Solomon, who masquerades as a priest for the benefit of his mother's health. In the Finnish version his real name was changed to Patrick Timothy O'Ralley. The son of the sheriff of the town of Providence, Arizona, David Solomon moved to New York City. Unable to find work he reluctantly joined the police force, but in his letters home he led his parents to believe that he had become a parish priest. This was in order to keep their minds at ease, since they did not want him to get into such a dangerous profession like his father. When his widowed mother Mary moved into his New York flat, David was forced to maintain the deception in fear that the truth would cause her a heart attack. Thus, when he leaves for work, "Father David Solomon" is dressed as a priest on his way to his chapel, but in the elevator he switches to casual clothes which he wears as Lieutenant David Solomon aka "Soda" of the NYPD. He switches back to his priest's uniform when returning to the flat.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Sambre is a series of comic historical drama created by Yslaire and Balak in 1986. Very dark and melancholic, Sambre tells the story of a rural middle-class family of the xix th  century and particularly that of Bernard Sambre, loving Julie, a young vagabond with red eyes that her family hates the point of wearing them among superstition. The fates, minds and bodies express themselves, meet and get injured. No one can escape his destiny. Sambre is a portmanteau formed from " blood" and "som ber" but he is also a river of Belgium.
The series is divided as follows:

  1. Sambre second generation (1847-1848) - Bernard & Julie
  2. Sambre third generation (1856-1862) - Bernard-Marie & Judith
  3. Sambre last generation (1862-1871) - Judith & Nelson
  4. Special issue (The Legend of the Sambre)

A second series of the same family, The War of the Sambre , started in 2007 by Editions Futuropolis / Glénat.

  1. The War of the Sambre First generation (1830-1847) - Hugo & Iris
  2. The War of the Sambre First Degree Ancestry (1768-1769) - Werner & Charlotte
  3. The War of the Sambre Generation Cujus (1789-1794) - Maxime Augustine & Constance
  4. The War of the Sambre Book III (40,000 BC) - Aam & Yev

Monday, March 14, 2016


Shipwrecked of Ythaq is a series of comics of science fiction. In a world where humans have learned to travel in space and colonized many worlds, Brume de Comet , a luxury cruise spaceship company SilverStar Lines, undergoes a mysterious damage caused by an unknown force and crashes on an uncharted planet spatial maps. Lieutenant Granite Welgoat , beautiful extractor sports and resourceful, the technician Narvarth Bodyssey , young and innocent, and the rich transient Callista DeSargamore , beautiful and manipulative, refugees in a module that is separated from the ship during the fall, seem to be the only survivors of the crash.
They will meet primitive and unusual creatures on this world called Ythaq by its inhabitants. While they are looking for a way to leave the planet and they are trying to find the rest of the crew, they encounter numerous enemies such mercenary Dhokas or Margrave Ophyde . Feng Tao and the Banfoo Krurgor will join the group. They discover that many vessels have already crushed on Ythaq and some people can master one of the four elements . The "fires", including Granite , mastered fire, "glèbeux" master land, "soakers" master water while "breezes" mastered the wind. The fires are very rare, Granite is the only Ythaq to possess that power for a century. As to the story, the heroes discover qu'Ythaq is actually field-size of the "game of Ythes" whose competitors are the major powers of the galaxy. To hope to win this game, which lasted for several centuries, players must combine four pins (four different elemental) without disclosing their existence in the game.