Saturday, October 24, 2015

Benny Breakiron

Benoît Brisefer (French for "Benny Breakiron", Dutch: Steven Sterk) is a Belgian comic strip created in 1960 by Peyo (best known for the Smurfs) about a little boy whose peaceful, innocent appearance, charm and good manners covers his possession of superhuman strength similar to that of Asterix. Since Peyo's death it has been continued by other artists and writers. Parts of the series have been published in a number of languages around the world. Benoît Brisefer first appeared in issue 1183 of Spirou magazine in mid-December 1960. His adventures were regularly published in both the magazine and in book form. As well as Peyo himself, other contributors to the series included leading figures in the Belgian comics industry, such as Will, Jean Roba (who drew some of the covers when the series was published in Spirou), Gos, Yvan Delporte, François Walthéry and Albert Blesteau, many of whom were part of Peyo's studio.
It initially lasted till 1978 when the success of the Smurfs prevented Peyo from working on his other series. Since his death in 1992, it has been restarted by his son Thierry Culliford and artist Pascal Garray. Peyo's signature still appears on the pages drawn by Garray. In 1967, the British comic Giggle published Benoît's first adventure, giving him the name Tammy Tuff. Other English-language publications have used the name Steven Strong and Benny Breakiron.


Benny Breakiron 01 - The Red Taxis (2013) (Digital-HD) (Bean-Empire).cbz | 110.88MB | LINK:
Benny Breakiron 02 - Madame Adolphine (2013) (Digital-HD) (Bean-Empire).cbz | 77.29MB | LINK:
Benny Breakiron 03 - The Twelve Trials of Benny Breakiron (2014) (Digital-HD) (Bean-Empire).cbz | 103.34MB | LINK:
Benny Breakiron 04 - Uncle Placid (2014) (Digital) (Bean-Empire).cbz | 103.28MB | LINK:


Steven Sterk 01-De rode taxi's.cbr | 25.5MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 02-Mevrouw Adolphine.cbr | 24.0MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 03-De twaalf werken van Steven Sterk.cbr | 26.3MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 04-Oom Ponnes.cbr | 25.3MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 05-Circus Bodoni.cbr | 25.8MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 06-Lady Adel Fine.cbr | 25.5MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 07-De fetisj.cbr | 20.0MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 08-Overval op het witte doek.cbr | 16.5MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 09-Het eiland van de tweedracht.cbr | 20.0MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 10-De weg naar het zuiden.cbr | 18.9MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 11-Het geheim van Egelantine.cbr | 19.1MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 12-Chocolade en bittere strijd.cbr | 17.8MB | LINK:
Steven Sterk 13-John-John.cbr | 16.4MB | LINK:


Benoît Brisefer 14 - Sur les traces du gorille blanc.cbr | 141 MB | LINK:


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