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Line is the heroine namesake of a series of comics created by Nicolas Goujon and Françoise Bertier and developed by Paul Cuvelier, illustrating the adventures of a young adolescent. Weekly Line, the girls chic log is a magazine published by Le Lombard and Dargaud between 1955 and 1963. This is the female counterpart of the Journal of Tintin. In 1956 the editor, a heroine who seeks to embody the magazine had already published Line adventures but not comics. Nicolas Goujon is the first writer of Line, designed by Françoise Bertier. It is then brown and appears in children's stories but only lasts a few numbers. Resumed in 1958 by Charles Nague (screenplay) and Andrew Gaudelette aka André Joy (drawing), making it a more youthful figure and blonde, with no more success. In 1960, Rol who draws and writes a new Line. From 1962 Paul Cuvelier draws the adventures of the teenage blonde on scenarios of Greg; the series finally found its audience. After stopping the publication of the namesake magazine (May 1963), following line appears in Tintin in several episodes staggered from 1964 to 1971.
Line is very young and brown, with a simple graphic for a child audience. There after it is rejuvenated and transformed into a blonde girl.
Line is a sentimental young girl, lively, brave and generous, who has a good knowledge of first aid, loves to meddle in what does not concern her, willingly puts "the foot in it" and flies to the rescue of his neighbor. His adventures mingled with intimacy particularly affect young teenage romantic. Cuvelier version is older, more forms, and Greg scenarios are more consistent. The design has evolved to a more living form, more colorful.


Les aventures de Line - T01 [Paul Cuvelier].cbr | 28.8MB | LINK:
Les aventures de Line - T02 [Paul Cuvelier].cbr | 29.7MB | LINK:

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