Monday, October 19, 2015


Yalek is a series of comics Franco-Belgian conducted in 1969 for the daily Le Soir by writer André-Paul Duchateau and artist Christian Denayer before being replaced by Jacques Geron from 1980 just before the recovery, published in 1972 by several publishers including Rossel. It all starts with Tibet, which in 1966, had offered Christian Denayer work on Ric Rattle. For the sets and cars, it meets André-Paul Duchateau. Together Christian Denayer and André-Paul Duchateau will create two characters named Yalek and Pocket in 1969 for the Belgian newspaper Le Soir. The first publication in this newspaper is the Belgian 15 October 1969.


Yalek_-_01_-_Y_comme_Yalek.cbr | 65.0MB | LINK:
Yalek_-_02_-_L_Araignee_de_Fer.cbr | 68.3MB | LINK:
Yalek_-_03_-_L_Empire_de_la_Peur.cbr | 67.3MB | LINK:
Yalek_-_04_-_Les_prisonniers_de_Yacomac.cbr | 67.4MB | LINK:
Yalek_-_05_-_Apocalypse_en_direct.cbr | 67.4MB | LINK:


Yalek - Operation Nessy.cbr | 56.1 MB | LINK:
Yalek - Der Falsche Prophet.cbr | 57 MB | LINK:

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