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James Bigglesworth, nicknamed "Biggles", is a fictional pilot and adventurer, the title character and main hero of the Biggles series of youth-oriented adventure books written by W. E. Johns (1893–1968). Biggles first appeared in the story "The White Fokker", published in the first issue of Popular Flying magazine, in 1932. The first collection of Biggles stories, The Camels Are Coming, was published that same year. The series was continued until the author's death in 1968, eventually spanning nearly a hundred volumes – including novels and short story collections – most, but not all, of the latter with a common setting and time frame. Drawing by Francis R. Bergese.
There have been many different versions of Biggles comics published in different countries in Europe, including Great Britain, France and Sweden. The first "annual" appeared in 1980. Some albums were released in 1990 featuring the Biggles team. The titles are separate from the books though they cover the same war or after war investigation operations of Biggles.
In India, Euro Books published 14 titles of the Biggles Series along with compilations of the same in 2007.


Biggles 01 - Spitfire Parade (Dragonz-VanDerAlex-Tanim).cbr | 77.58MB | LINK:
Cinebook Recounts 1 - Battle of Britain.cbr | 27.9MB | LINK:
Cinebook Recounts 002 - The Falklands War (2010) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 33.4MB | LINK:
(Novel)Biggles 08 - Capt WE Johns - Biggles Hits the Trail (1969).cbr | 9.3MB | LINK:
Biggles in the Jungle [Studio Vandersteen 02][Scantilation].cbr | 43.47 MB | LINK:


Biggles- T01-Le cygne | 36.7MB | LINK:
Biggles- T02-Les pirates du Pôle | 33.8MB | LINK:
Biggles- T03-Le bal des Spitfire.cbz | 38.0MB | LINK:
Biggles- | 22.5MB | LINK:
Biggles- T06-Squadron Biggles.cbz | 24.1MB | LINK:
Biggles- T07-Le dernier Zeppelin.cbz | 21.8MB | LINK:
Biggles- T08.cbz | 27.3MB | LINK:
Biggles- T09-La 13e dent du diable.cbz | 26.0MB | LINK:
Biggles- T10.cbz | 29.6MB | LINK:
Biggles- T11-L'épée de Wotan.cbz | 36.7MB | LINK:
Biggles- T12.cbz | 42.1MB | LINK:
Biggles- T13-Neiges mortelles.cbz | 24.1MB | LINK:
Biggles- T14-Alias W. E. .Johns - L'Album du centenaire.cbz | 33.5MB | LINK:
Biggles- T15-L'Oasis perdue 1.cbz | 22.8MB | LINK:
Biggles- T17-Pilote de la R.A.F.cbr | 16.3MB | LINK:
Biggles- T17-Batailles aériennes sur l'Angleterre et sur l'Allemagne (1940-1945).cbz | 89.9MB | LINK:
Biggles - T18-L'oasis perdue-2.cbz | 23.1MB | LINK:
Biggles- T21-Chappal Wadi.cbz | 32.9MB | LINK:


Biggles_-_Operatie_Goudvis.cbr | 21.6MB | LINK:


Biggles - Band 1 - Der Gelbe Schwan.cbr | 112.1 MB | LINK:
Biggles - Band 2-3.rar | 205.96 MB | LINK:
Biggles - Band 4-5.rar | 182.96 MB | LINK:
Biggles - Band 6-7.rar | 179.84 MB | LINK:
Biggles - Band 8-9.rar | 198.53 MB | LINK:
Biggles - Sonderband 1-2.rar | 190.77 MB | LINK:


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    1. You may download freeware/shareware like :
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  3. Hi, came here to get Biggles T16 as i'm missing it from my collection but see its missing here too, any idea what it is and why its missing?
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    1. Hi,thx fyi,so sad we don't have it and also curious about that. In fact if you refer on this link below, actually there's none of #16 exist ??:

  4. Thanks for the reply.
    Checking the back cover, St-Exupéry is listed as T16 which i do have as part of the Biggles Raconte set and is Biggles 05 - St-Exupéry. Strange it's missing from the other set.

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