Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Flying Tigers

The Flying Tigers is a series of air combat war comics. It was inspired by a squadron which really existed: the Flying Tigers.
Drawing: Felix Molinari, Scenarios: Richard D. Nolan (Olivier Raynaud), Colours: Jocelyne Charrance or Frédéric Bergèse.


The Flying Tigers 01 (1994) (Scanlation) (WarComix).cbr | 60.83MB | LINK:


Tigres volants (Les) - T02 - Mission à Singapour.cbr | 36.9MB | LINK:
Tigres volants (Les) - T03 - Tonnerre sur le Yang Tsé.cbr | 37.4MB | LINK:
Les Tigres Volants - Tome 05 - Opération "Homme de Pékin".cbr | 101,85 MB | LINK:

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