Monday, October 19, 2015

Ken Mallory

The hero of the series is Ken Mallory, an aviator. The scenarios are Gauthier for T1 and Fréderic Marniquet for Q2. (this is the new writer Buck Danny) - drawings are Gauthier. There are only 2 albums for this series edited at Albin Michel. The publisher stopped his BD sector Series have apparently been stopped at that point. Gauthier is the author of the World War II aviation comic 'Les Aventures de Ken Mallory' ('Mystères en Birmanie'), that is published by Albin Michel since 2004.
1942: Nazis discovered in the heart of the Sudanese desert, on the site of the pyramids of Meroe, an ancient and mysterious sacred book, the book of Kush ...
What holds this cursed spellbook that will result once the second war World over, the adventurers of the South Seas deep in the Burmese jungle, with their heels fanatics Third Reich, nostalgic for the empire of the rising sun, drug traffickers headed demonic Myin Kyang, and half of the secret services of the planet. This is what Ken Mallory, his wife Mae Ling and their companions will have to be discovered in the bowels of Mount Popa, a veritable Mount Olympus of Myanmar and center point of a devilish trap ...


Ken Mallory - T01.cbr | 31.9MB | LINK:
Ken Mallory - T02.cbr | 27.0MB | LINK:

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