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The Indians Series is a series of comic strips of the Dutch artist Hans G. Kresse. The series was published between 1973 and 1982 and covers the history of the North American Indians. There are a total of nine parts appeared. The series is published by Casterman.
The series is the vicissitudes of the Apache strain the Faraons central. Key players are the chief Chaka, the experienced warrior Pashca, Anua the son of Chaka, the Chipiwi-girl Sapobi and adventurer Mestisoh, a half-breed.
Kresse, well versed in the history of the North American Indians, originally planned to take each next generation and so did two hundred years of history of Chaka's people drawing. So far he has not come to the series, the series has continued stabbing in the second half of the 16th century. However dealt the arrival of the first whites, the introduction of the horse on the prairie and the infighting among the different tribes.In 1982 the last part, "The honor of a warrior."


The Indians T01 - Masters of Thunder.cbz | 73.07MB | LINK:
The Indians 02 Riders in the Wind.cbz | 25.38MB | LINK:
The Indians 03 - The Companions of Evil (scansl - MickRC).cbr | 67.75MB | LINK:
The Indians 04 - The Singing of the Coyotes (scansl - MickRC).cbr | 59.02MB | LINK:
The Indians 05 - The Path of the Revenge (scansl - MickRC).cbr | 70MB | LINK:
The Indians 06 - The Cub and The Wolf (scansl - MickRC).cbr | 71.6MB | LINK:
The Indians 07 - The Gold Vultures (scansl - MickRC).cbr | 101.2MB | LINK:
The Indians 08 - The Price of Freedom (scansl) (Sparkie_MickRC).cbr | 98.1MB | LINK:
The Indians 09 - The Honour of the Warrior(scansl)(Sparkie%26MickRC).cbr | 57.7MB | LINK:
The Indians 10 The Call of Quivera (scansl)(Sparkie%26amp%3BMickRC)(SZ).cbr | 86.9MB | LINK:


Os_Peles_Vermelhas_-_PT0001-_Os_Senhores_do_Trovao.cbr | 71.3MB | LINK:
Os_Peles_Vermelhas_-_PT0002_-_Os_Herdeiros_do_vento.cbr | 21.1MB | LINK:
Os_Peles_Vermelhas_-_PT0003_-_Companheiros_do_Mal.cbr | 21.0MB | LINK:
Os_Peles_Vermelhas_-_PT0004_-_O_Apelo_dos_Coiotes.cbr | 52.4MB | LINK:


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  2. Read the masters of thunder these comics ;-)