Monday, October 19, 2015

Ravottersclub Favorieten

Ravottersclub Favorieten is a published 1958-1979 French-Belgian comic series. Tibet drew the humorous series for junior, the children's supplement of Chez Nous. Greg, André-Paul Duchâteau and Bob de Groot wrote the lyrics. Between 1965 and 1969 was Tibet responsible for seven stories. The series appeared in Junior and the French issue of Tintin. There was also a partial album's release. In the German language appeared 1973-1975 the 12th and the 16th story in MV Comix. Feest gave in 1990 an album with the first two episodes out.
Four friends, each with different characteristics are based along the club's fearless. Its president is Junior. Their headquarters is located in an abandoned shed. They help the police in the investigation of unsolved criminal cases.


Ravottersclub Favorieten 02.cbr | 7.6MB | LINK:
Ravottersclub Favorieten 03.cbr | 7.3MB | LINK:
Ravottersclub Favorieten 04.cbr | 7.5MB | LINK:

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