Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Nanouche is a comic whose four volumes were published between January 1981 and June 1983 at Editions du Lombard, after pre-published in the newspaper Tintin.
Heroin, which gives its name to the series, is a motorcycle stunt, which does not hesitate to practice other vehicles if the need arises. His film shoots take him to several countries in the four albums released.
The designer of the four albums is Pierre Renoy. The writer is the first album Janeiro, then Pierre Renoy ensures the scenario and drawing. Pre-publication took place in the newspaper Tintin between 1977 and 1980.


Nanouche - FR0001 - Festival Pour Une Japonaise.cbr | 55,11MB | LINK : http://sh.st/bfNrK
Nanouche - FR0002 - Corrida pour une nuit blanche.cbz | 76,11MB | LINK : http://sh.st/bfNpZ
Nanouche - FR0003 - Des clous pour le Cachemire.cbz | 71,27MB | LINK : http://sh.st/bfNdU
Nanouche - FR0004 - Le secret du fou à la fregate.cbr | 75,7MB | LINK : http://ceesty.com/qL6MXy

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