Saturday, October 17, 2015

Philip and Francis

The Adventures of Philip and Francis is a series of French comic. This series is a parody of the series Blake and Mortimer, where Philip Mortimer and Francis Blake are again facing their greatest enemy, Colonel Olrik. Screenplay by Pierre Veys, Drawing by Nicolas Barral and Colors by Philippe de la Fuente.
All the characters are caricatured to the extreme: Philip is smart but a childish behavior and unnecessary remarks made ​​throughout the albums, Francis still lives with his mother and take to Zorro, Olrik is a wicked too sure of himself and not really effective, his followers are keen on sewing fools. Philip and Francis's adventures are ridiculed and are the theater of absurd situations. All this is immersed in a typical humor of the authors and their previous series Baker Street.


Philip_and_Francis_-_PT0001-_Ameacas_ao_Imperio.cbr | 65.3MB | LINK:
Philip_and_Francis_-_PT0002_-_A_Armadilha_Maquiavelica.cbr | 66.2MB | LINK:


Las aventuras de Philip y Francis 01 - El imperio, amenazado.cbr | 28.3MB | LINK:
Las aventuras de Philip y Francis 02 - La trampa maquiavelica.cbr | 38.0MB | LINK:
Las aventuras de Philip y Francis 03 - SOS meteorolуgico.cbr | 45.1MB | LINK:


Die Abenteuer von Philip und Francis - Band 1 - Das Empire in Not.cbr | 197,51 MB | LINK:
Die Abenteuer von Philip und Francis - Band 2 - Die machiavellistische Falle.cbr | 180.54 MB | LINK:

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