Friday, October 23, 2015


421 is a series of comic Belgian created by Stephen Desberg (screenplay) and Eric Maltaite (drawing) in 1980 in Spirou. It was completed in 1992. 421 is a series of espionage Belgium where there are the classic ingredients of the genre: action, high technology, femmes fatales, famous battles between secret services like the KGB, the CIA or the MI6 (the bulk of the series was carried out before the end of the Cold War). The influence of the world of James Bond is clear and accepted.
Jimmy Plant is a secret agent working for the British government. He must fight alongside gorgeous creatures against spies, criminals and other riffraff, on all continents and even in time.
The intrigues are centered around the missions of the eponymous hero, a member of the secret service British. Humorous significantly in the first volumes, the series has evolved into a tone more and more realistic over the tomes.


T00-LaSilhouette+Epave+Visiteur.cbz | 20.2MB | LINK:
T01-Guerre froide.cbz | 19.7MB | LINK:
T02-Bons baisers du 7e ciel.cbz | 11.9MB | LINK:
T03-Suicides.cbz | 15.6MB | LINK:
T04-Dans l empire du milieu 1987.cbz | 21.3MB | LINK:
T05-Scotch Malaria-Vertigo.cbz | 18.5MB | LINK:
T06-Les Enfants de la Porte-Vertigo.cbz | 16.2MB | LINK:
T07-falco.cbz | 18.3MB | LINK:
T09-Morgane Angel 1991.cbz | 20.2MB | LINK:
T10-Le seuil de Karlov 1992.cbz | 19.8MB | LINK:
HS-LaSilhouette+.cbz | 20.2MB | LINK:

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