Thursday, October 29, 2015


Sophie is a series of Franco-Belgian comics created in 1965 by Jidéhem in no.  1408 of the newspaper Spirou. The scenarios are co-written by Vicq de La Bulle silence to Sophie and Company. It depicts Karamazout Sophie, a girl who fearlessly fight against the bandits who want to steal his father's inventions. In the duration of his series, Sophie has black hair tied with two bows. She is wearing a summer dress, which she wears a hat with a ribbon, a little short, puffed sleeves and red ribbon, white bloomers, white socks, and black shoes. 
The main character of the series is Sophie Karamazout, a kind and mischievous little girl who was created in the laboratory by Mr. Karamazout, with a mixture of sugar, spice and everything nice. His father is an inventor whose creations very interested bandits.
First, character created by Jidéhem to animate the self chronic Spirou, becomes a full-fledged character in the series and will help Sophie and her father with her ​​knowledge of carmechanics. Pipette is an expert on two wheels, also present in the self chronic.
Among the secondary characters, we find Joseph, the butler Karamazout who risks his life with inventions of his boss, Zoe, a smart car that Pipette for owner Ptikochonof, the most fearsome bandits attempting to seize inventions Mr. Karamazout to become rich, and little Bernard, a young boy always unhappy.


T01 - L'oeuf de Karamazout.cbr | 21.6MB | LINK:
T02 - La bulle du silence.cbr | 16.4MB | LINK:
T03 - Bonheurs d'euteu.cbr | 15.9MB | LINK:
T04 - Qui fait peur a Zoeu.cbr | 17.4MB | LINK:
T05 - Sophie et le rayon Ka.cbr | 20.8MB | LINK:
T06 - La maison d'en face.cbr | 16.4MB | LINK:
T07 - Le cube qui parle.cbr | 21.7MB | LINK:
T08 - Bonheurs d'hiver.cbr | 22.5MB | LINK:
T09 - Sophie et la tiare de Matlotl Halatomatl.cbr | 24.4MB | LINK:
T10 - Sophie et le douanier Rousseau.cbr | 15.2MB | LINK:
T11 - Sophie et le souffle du dragon.cbr | 17.4MB | LINK:
T12 - Cette sacreue Sophie.cbr | 14.1MB | LINK:
T13 - Sophie et les 4 saisons.cbr | 17.5MB | LINK:
T14 - Sophie et l'inspecteur Ceuleste.cbr | 18.5MB | LINK:
T15 - Sophie et Donald Mac Donald.cbr | 16.0MB | LINK:
T16 - Reutro Sophie.cbr | 21.8MB | LINK:
T17 - Sophie et Cie.cbr | 18.5MB | LINK:
T18 - Don Giovanni.cbr | 19.2MB | LINK:
T19 - L'odysseue du U522.cbr | 15.9MB | LINK:
T20 - Le tombeau des glyphes.cbr | 17.2MB | LINK:


  1. Hello, can you also upload the French Classic Series "Génial Olivier" ? I think there were about 20 BD's of this title. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Mister Rectitude and Génial Olivier series is on the upcoming list, pls be patient, cheers :)