Monday, October 19, 2015


Bizu is a series of comic adventure French created by Jean-Claude Fournier in 1967 for Spirou. While he was only twenty-three, Jean-Claude Fournier presented to Maurice Rosy, in autumn 1966, the first board of a named character Bizu. This name comes from the Breton word "rookie" whose meaning of "new". Together they visit the editor Yvan Delporte was said very interested in the atmosphere of Brocéliande which saw the curious person. At that time, Fournier drew ten boards per month to earn seven thousand francs. The situation in the early adventures was there at Frotéliande before this forest did not take the name of Brocéliande from 1975.


Bizu - T00.cbr | 29.6MB | LINK:
Bizu - T01.cbr | 49.0MB | LINK:
Bizu - T02.cbr | 38.1MB | LINK:
Bizu - T03.cbr | 36.6MB | LINK:
Bizu - T04.cbr | 37.4MB | LINK:
Bizu - T05.cbr | 43.6MB | LINK:
Bizu - T06.cbr | 39.1MB | LINK:

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