Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Oumpah-pah le Peau-Rouge (Ompa-pa the Redskin) is a comics series created by comics artist Albert Uderzo and comics author René Goscinny, best known as the creators of Asterix the Gaul.
The series first appeared in the weekly Tintin magazine in 1958 though it remained serialised for a relatively short time. The stories were published in book form by Lombard and Dargaud starting in 1961. In 1995, the series was reissued by Albert Uderzo's own publishing house, Les Éditions Albert-René.


Ompa-Pa 01 Ompa-Pa and Brother Two Scalp (1977).cbr | 16.1MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcQEo
Ompa-Pa 02 Ompa-Pa Saves the Day (1977).cbr | 15.7MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcQR1
Ompa-Pa 03 Ompa-Pa and the Pirates (1977).cbr | 15.5MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcQT5
Ompa-Pa 04 - Ompa-Pa and the Secret Mission.cbz | 16.0MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcQY8
Ompa-Pa 05 - Ompa-Pa and the Prussians.cbz | 15.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcQIu


Umpah-Pah 01 - Bruder Doppelskalp.cbr | 104.2MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5PZ
Umpah-Pah 01 - Die Rothaut 1 (Ehapa 1997).cbr | 87.2MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5Al
Umpah-Pah 02 - Die Plattfüsse greifen an.cbr | 102.3MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5AH
Umpah-Pah 02 - Die Rothaut 2 (Ehapa 1997).cbr | 111.4MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5Sc
Umpah-Pah 03 - Der Schrecken der Meere.cbr | 100.4MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5Dp
Umpah-Pah 03 - Die Rothaut 3 (Ehapa 1997).cbr | 108.3MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5DK
Umpah-Pah 04 - In geheimer Mission.cbr | 101.1MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5Fz
Umpah-Pah 05 - Häuptling kranke Leber.cbr | 100.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/nL5F2

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  1. classic- Oumpah- Pah, "the elder brother of Asterix". Good to see this here. This was one of the first collaborations of Goscinny and Uderzo. Hope to see JEHAN PISTOLET and LUC JUNIOR another two such collaborations over here. Have been searching for an English version of these two works for a long time now