Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Partisans

The Partisans is the name of a comic strip of the duo Jules Radilovic (drawings) and Ðorde Lebovic (text), both from the former Yugoslavia. The strip was commissioned by the Dutch comic Eppo. Was initially worked with the screenwriter Zvonimir Furtinger, but fell in the pilot story not appreciated by the editors of Eppo. Ultimately, film scriptwriter Ðorde (Djordje) Lebovic elected. Lebovic had an unused screenplay on the shelf. The Story Bridge is based on his movie Most (1969).
The stories about the Yugoslav partisans take place in 1943 and 1944. Main characters in the stories are major Dragon and partizane Sparkie (Munja, which in Serbo-Croatian literally lightning means). In the story Commando unit Y introduces a third protagonist: on the booze-hungry lieutenant Flips.
Not all stories are written by Lebovic. For the story, the doppelganger was appealed on another film screenwriter: Marcel Čukli. Ervin Rustemagić, the agent of Jules, the writer of the story is a trap for Dragon.
The comics published since 1977 in the Eppo. After the disintegration of Yugoslavia also marked the end of the strip in 1989.


The Partisans 00 The Traitor (igormb&MickRC).cbr | 21.3MB | LINK:
The Partisans 07 Operation Snow Flake The Scarabee (sparkie&MickRC).cbr | 55.6MB | LINK:
Diverzanti (Saboteurs) (Jules Radilovic) (MickRC).cbr | 28.0MB | LINK:
Captain Lechi 01 The Trap (MickRC).cbr | 59.0MB | LINK:
Captain Lechi 02 Light on the Border (MickRC).cbr | 82.3MB | LINK:
Captain Lechi 03 The Circle is Closed (MickRC).cbr | 73.4MB | LINK:
Captain Lechi 04 - The Reckoning (scansl) (MickRC).cbr | 67.02MB | LINK:


De Partizanen 01.cbz | 22.3MB | LINK:
De Partizanen 02.cbz | 22.0MB | LINK:
De Partizanen 03.cbz | 23.0MB | LINK:
De Partizanen 05.cbz | 14.1MB | LINK:
De Partizanen 06.cbz | 14.7MB | LINK:

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