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Douwe Dabbert

Douwe Dabbert is a small, gnome-like creature. He goes through all sorts of strange adventures where he meets (often) supernatural beings. He carries a magical knapsack from which he, and only he, can conjure items that suit the situation. Twenty-three comic books appeared starring Douwe Dabbert. From 1975 to 2001, these stories were published as a sequel-story in the Dutch version of the weekly magazine Donald Duck. Apart from the album stories, some shorter stories that never made it to a full album were printed in Donald Duck. Most of these stories were only a few pages.
On his journeys, Douwe often encountered recurrent characters, such as Domoli, Pief and Kijfje – three wizard apprentices who have appeared in seven of his adventures (11, 12, 16 and 18-21). Other examples are Wredulia, a mean witch who plays a part in The gate to the east and The shaft to the north. Furthermore, there are Ludo Lafhart and Knudde, two clumsy crooks who appear in the three stories The spoiled princess, The secret animal kingdom and The Monster of the Fog Lake. In the two stories The shaft to the north and The road to the west, Douwe Dabbert has a dodo as a companion. Finally, they find a dodo egg on a desert island, so the dodo can reproduce himself.
The last story was partially drawn by Dick Matena, due to Piet Wijn's poor health at the time.


Douwe Dabbert T01 - The Spoiled Princess (1977) (Dragonz).cbr | 45.3MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T02 - The Secret Animal Kingdom (1978) (Dragonz).cbr | 39.6MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T03 - The Deceitful Healer (1978) (Dragonz).cbr | 41.4MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T04 - The Gate to The East (1978) (Dragonz).cbr | 52.3MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T05 - The Monster Of The Fog Lake (1978) (Dragonz).cbr | 68.2MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T06 - The Shaft To The North (1979) (Dragonz).cbr | 45.9MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T07 - The Road To The West (1980) (Dragonz).cbr | 77.3MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T08 - The Sea To The South (1981) (Dragonz).cbr | 69.2MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T09 - Florijn The Loafer (1982) (Dragonz).cbr | 47.1MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T10 - The Teeth Of Casius Gaius (1983) (Dragonz).cbr | 72.9MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T11 - The Messy Work Of Pief (1984) (Dragonz).cbr | 69.2MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T12 - The Last Teaser (1985) (Dragonz).cbr | 44.0MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T13 - Not Yesterday's Witches (1986) (Dragonz).cbr | 44.4MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T14 - On The Trail Of Evil Things (1988) (Dragonz).cbr | 38.2MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T15 - The Deceit Of Balthasar (1990) (Dragonz).cbr | 66.4MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T16 - The Lady In The Frame (1991) (Dragonz).cbr | 62.9MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T17 - Bombasto And The Evil Eye (1992) (Dragonz).cbr | 80.2MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T18 - The Closet With A Thousand Doors (1993) (Dragonz).cbr | 50.1MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T19 - The Ship Made Of Ice (1994) (Dragonz).cbr | 40.9MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T20 - The Black Kimono (1995) (Dragonz).cbr | 41.3MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T21 - The Masked Chieftain (1996) (Dragonz).cbr | 42.7MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T22 - Back To The Secret Animal Kingdom (1998) (Dragonz).cbr | 42.9MB | LINK:
Douwe Dabbert T23 - The Amazing Frame Story (2001) (Dragonz).cbr | 43.5MB | LINK:


As Aventuras de Danny Doodle - PT0001 - A Princesa Mimada (1981).cbr | 29.40 MB | LINK:
As Aventuras de Danny Doodle - PT0002 - O Reino Secreto dos Animais (1981).cbr | 32.47 MB | LINK:


Bermudillo Tomo 1.cbr | 109.47 MB | LINK:
Bermudillo tomo 2 (Howard, el patero solitario-CRG).cbr | 142.89 MB | LINK:


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