Saturday, October 17, 2015

Johnny Goodbye

Johnny Goodbye is a Dutch-Belgian comics series that began in 1969 with the Dutchman Martin Louis as a writer and Belgian Dino Attanasio as a draftsman. Over the years, the scenarios were also others such as Patty Klein, wrote.
The setting of the strip (in most albums) the Chicago of the years of the American Prohibition and the public enemy era. In the first story are Johnny Goodbye and Howdy Thousand Pounds only two honest policemen of gangsters and corrupt officials ruled Chicago, where the mention of the name Al Capone is enough to go unpunished. Outraged take their limited success in fighting crime and Goodbye Howdy resigned to start a detective agency, but not before Al Capone himself arrested for illegal parking. This is also immediately Goodbye's archenemy. In the following stories get Goodbye and Howdy, which Goodbye consistent with "boss" appeals to multiple times with Al Capone, but also with other gangsters, including the Barker Gang and Wu Manchu, which occurred later in Lodewijks comic series Agent 327 ( and also connected it to Johnny Goodbye). The strip also has many references to the cinema of the 20s and 30. There are cameos' s role for include Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Béla Lugosi as Count Dracula, Rudolf Valentino and Boris Karloff as the Monster of Frankenstein. 5th album is centered around child star Shirley Temple. In seventh album is a key role for the fictional film star Clara Bara, a parody of Fay Wray. Bara also plays the lead role in the film Ping Pong.


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