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Clifton is a Franco-Belgian comics series in the humorous spy-genre, featuring the exploits of Colonel Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton. It was created by Raymond Macherot in 1959, and has since passed on to other artists and writers. Over the fifty years of publication of the Clifton series, approximately twenty albums and twenty smaller stories have been published, totalling about 800 pages.
A British colonel, retired from MI5, though sometimes still active for the British government, Clifton functions as an amateur sleuth, and his phlegmatic approach to stress leads to humorous situations. Harold Clifton lives in Puddington, near London, supported by housekeeper Miss Partridge, who makes a prize-winning goulash. Clifton drives a red MG TD from the early fifties, which gets mangled in most stories, but is repaired regardless of cost. Clifton's hobbies include Boy Scouting (he's Boy Scoutmaster Singing Heron), cats, and collecting cigar wraps. He received a Knighthood in 1993 for saving a member of the Royal family.
Clifton's amateur sleuthing leads him to investigate many cases, often with the police or MI5. His main contact at MI5 is Colonel Donald Spruce who often calls on him to deal with delicate missions. Spruce is the sort of man who would be perfectly capable of handling the missions himself if not for a leg injury which has left him partly disabled.
Note: in later adventures it was established that Clifton served in the RAF as a fighter pilot during World War II. Thus his proper rank would probably be that of Group Captain.


Clifton_T01_-_My_Dear_Wilkinson_(1978).cbr | 44.57MB | LINK:
Clifton T02 - The Laughing Thief (1978).cbr | 45.13MB | LINK:
Clifton 003 - 7 Days To Die (2006) (data9724-DCP).cbr | 44.11MB | LINK:
Clifton 004 - Black Moon (2007) (data9724-DCP).cbr | 36.36MB | LINK:
Clifton 005 - Jade (2008) (data9724-DCP).cbr | 41.83MB | LINK:
Clifton 006 - Kidnapping (2009) (data9724-DCP).cbr | 28.52MB | LINK:
Clifton 007 - Elementary, My Dear Clifton (2014) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 27.11MB | LINK:
Clifton+-+15+-+The+McGregor-Clan.7z | 12.75MB | LINK:
Clifton C01 - Colonel Clifton Investigates (Macherot).cbr | 23.83 MB | LINK:
Clifton C02 - Clifton in New York (Macherot).cbr | 22.42 MB | LINK:
Clifton C03 - Clifton and the Spies (Marcherot).cbr | 26.67 MB | LINK:
Clifton T04 - Alias Lord X (Turk & de Groot).cbr | 33.03 MB | LINK:
Clifton T05 - The Heart Attack Caper (Turk & de Groot).cbr | 65.76 MB | LINK:


Clifton T01 Ce cher Wilkinson (1978).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T02 Le voleur qui rit (1978).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T03 7 jours pour mourir (1979).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T04 Alias Lord X (1980).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T05 Atout... cœur! (1981).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T06 Une panthère pour le colonel (1982).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T07 Sir Jason (1982).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T08 Week-end à tuer (1984).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T09 Kidnapping (1984).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T10 Passé composé (1986).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T11 La mȩ́moire brisȩ́e (1987).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T12 Derniére sȩ́ance (1988).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T13 Matoutou falaise (1990).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T14 Le clan Mac Grégor (1991).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T15 Mortelle saison (1993).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T16 Le baiser du cobra (1995).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T17 Les lutins diaboliques (1997).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T18 Jade (2003).cbr | LINK:
Clifton T19 Lune noire (2004).cbr | LINK:


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