Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dr. Justice

Dr. Justice is a fictional character, a hero comics, created by screenwriter Jean Ollivier and artist Raffaele Carlo Marcello. The Dr. Benjamin Justice is a humanitarian doctor. It is especially vigilante in using his capacities judo and karate. This doctor belonging to the WHO is a great traveler and an idealist. He landed in a plane each adventure in a distant airport. In the new Pif Gadget, his adventures are scripted by Ollivier (before death) and François Corteggiani and designed by another Italian, Emanuele Barison. The series Doctor Justice was published for the first time in the weekly Pif Gadget, from the number 69 of June 1970. All the popular Subsequently, the character sees his adventures times in22 issues of a publication that bears his name ( from 1973 to 1977).
Judoka 6 th dan, he also uses the atemis of ju-jitsu and, later, the techniques of karate. The philosophy of his sensei, Master Hiamuri, is always present to his mind. His various humanitarian missions will take him around the world. His medical interventions often go not to let the fights that are much more physical. Sometimes with Bobosse - a Briton champion French struggle - or pretty girls, Doc Justice regularly come to fight against a bunch of crooks, traffickers, exploiters and other "bad guys" of all kinds. He uses his only weapons of judoka, refusing ever, with one exception, to use other weapons.


Tout Dr. Justice - 01 - Le rendez-vous de Trinidad.cbr | 44.8MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bEfZa
Tout Dr. Justice - 02 - Les rats du désert.cbr | 43.3MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bEfXf
Tout Dr. Justice - 03 - Un docteur est mort.cbr | 37.5MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bEfVz

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