Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Norbert & Kari

Norbert and Kari is a series of comic strip created by Christian Godard published in 1963 to 1970 in pilot and in 1981 Gum!, Published in album 1974 to 1989 by Hachette and Dargaud and Le Vaisseau d'Argent.
It depicts the young Polynesian Kari and his friend Norbert, who decided to flee Paris, exasperated by metropolitan living conditions. The story is set in the small Polynesian archipelago Taharatata where Norbert went into exile to find tranquility, although his adventures will not be easy.


Norbert e Kari - PT0003 - A Ilha dos Monstros.cbr | 95.9MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcYpM

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