Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ian Kaledine

Ian Kaledine is a series of comics of the fantastic Franco-Belgian created by screenwriter Jean-Luc Vernal and artist Ferry to log Tintin no 47 in 1977 in Belgium and no 121 in 1978 in France, before publishing pasteboard album to Lombard editions in 1983. The series remained unfinished, breaking off in 1992 after the album Dottore Serpenti without history is complete.
The series began in 1908 with the Tunguska Event. Prince Cossack Ian Kaledin is in Paris where he spends the money entrusted to him by his father expensive party, but discreetly buy weapons to equip its people in their struggle against the Tsar. He meets Jane, an English journalist mandated to follow his diary and the interviewer, and Ferragus custody of effective and faithful friend Irish body. He will face Shultz, unscrupulous banker involved in all sorts of trafficking and conspiracy. They will soon get in touch with a civilization coming stars whose Bastet, the cat-headed woman, will take a liking to Ian.


Ian Kaledine - T01 - La Nuit Blanche.cbr | 25.7MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcR3m


Ian Kaledine - PT0001 - A Noite Branca.cbr | 92.01 MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bXU2R
Ian_Kaledine_-_PT0002_-_O_Segredo_Da_Taiga.cbr | 106.6MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bcR5h
Ian_Kaledine_-_PT0003_-_A_Memoria_Visual.cbr | 112.3MB | LINK: http://sh.st/bbV8s


  1. There's a decryption error in Ian_Kaledine_-_PT0003_-_A_Memoria_Visual.cbr . Thanks for all the hard work.

    1. Hi, we've checked the link's fine in Mega :)

  2. I have the same error with the decryption. At 99% Mega could not decrypt the file. Please check