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Valérian and Laureline

Valérian and Laureline (French: Valérian et Laureline), also known as Valérian: Spatio-Temporal Agent (French: Valérian, agent spatio-temporel) or just Valérian, is a French science fiction comics series, created by writer Pierre Christin and artist Jean-Claude Mézières. First published in Pilote magazine in 1967, the final installment was published in 2010. All of the Valérian stories have been collected in graphic novel album format, comprising some twenty-one volumes plus a short story collection and an encyclopaedia. Valérian is one of the top five biggest selling Franco-Belgian comics titles of its publisher, Dargaud.
The series focuses on the adventures of the dark-haired Valérian, a spatio-temporal agent, and his redheaded female colleague, Laureline, as they travel the universe through space and time. Valérian is a classical hero, kind-hearted, strong and brave who follows the orders of his superiors even if he feels, deep down, that it is the wrong thing to do. On the other hand, his partner Laureline combines her superior intelligence, determination and independence with sex-appeal, making her one of science fiction's most notable heroines. Influenced by classic literary science fiction, the series mixes space opera with time travel plots. Christin's scripts are noted for their humour, complexity and strongly humanist and left-wing liberal political ideas while Mézières' art is characterised by its vivid depictions of the alien worlds and species Valérian and Laureline encounter on their adventures. The series was a landmark in European comics and pop culture, and influenced other media as well – traces of its concepts, storylines and designs can be found on sci-fi films such as Star Wars, The Fifth Element, and Avatar.


Valerian and Laureline 001 - The City of Shifting Waters (2010) (digital-Empire).cbr | 33.5MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline T01 - The City of shifting Waters.cbr | 37MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 002 - The Empire of a Thousand Planets (2011) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 32.7MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 003 - The Land Without Stars (2012) (digital-Empire).cbr | 34.6MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 004 - Welcome to Alflolol (2012) (digital-Empire).cbr | 33.2MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 005 - Birds of the Master (2013) (digital-Empire).cbr | 35MB | LINK:
Valerian 06 - Ambassador of the Shadows.cbr | 32.2MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 007 - On the False Earth (2014) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 35.3MB | LINK:
Valerian & Laureline 08 - Heroes of the Equinox (2014) (Digital) (phillywilly-Empire).cbr | 51.84MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 009 - Châtelet Station, Destination Cassiopeia (2015) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 34.87MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 010 - Brooklyn Line Terminus Cosmos (2015) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 48.43MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 011 - The Ghosts of Inverloch (2016) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 48.33MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline v12 - The Wrath of Hypsis (2016) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 104.38 MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline v13 - On the Frontiers (2016) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 129.11 MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline v14 - The Living Weapons (2016) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 118.17 MB | LINK:
Valerian T13-T14-T15- The New Future Trilogy | 110.11MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 015 - The Circles of Power (2016) (Europe Comics) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr | 75.71MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 016 - Hostages of Ultralum (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 142.18MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline 017 - Orphan of the Stars (2016) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr | 133.22MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline v18 - In Uncertain Times (2016) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 148.10MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline v19 - At the Edge of the Great Void (2016) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 95.61 MB | LINK:
Valerian and Laureline v20 - The Order of the Stones (2017) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 98.02MB | LINK:
 Valerian and Laureline v21 - The Time Opener (2017) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 122.79MB | LINK:
 Valerian and Laureline v22 - Memories from the Futures (2017) (MagicMan-DCP).cbr | 161.34MB | LINK:
 Valerian and Laureline By... Shingouzlooz Inc. (2017) (Digital) (Europe Comics).cbr | 71.97MB | LINK:


Valerian T01 La Cité des eaux mouvantes.pdf | 29 MB | LINK:
Valerian T02 L'empire des mille planètes.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T03 Le pays sans étoile.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T04 Bienvenue sur Alflolol.pdf | 24 MB | LINK:
Valerian T05 Les Oiseaux du maître.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T06 L'Ambassadeur des Ombres.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T07 Sur les Terres truquées.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T08 Les Héros de l'Equinoxe.pdf | 26 MB | LINK:
Valerian T09 Métro Châtelet direction Cassiopée.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T10 Brooklyn Station - Terminus Cosmos.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T11 Les spectres d'Inverloch.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T12 Les foudres d'Hypsis.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T13 Sur les frontières.pdf | 63 MB | LINK:
Valerian T14 Les armes vivantes.pdf | 29 MB | LINK:
Valerian T15 Les cercles du pouvoir.pdf | 35 MB | LINK:
Valerian T16 Otages de l'Ultralum.pdf | 32 MB | LINK:
Valerian T17 L'orphelin des astres.pdf | 29 MB | LINK:
Valerian T18 Par des temps incertains.pdf | 31 MB | LINK:
Valerian T19 Au bord du Grand Rien.pdf | 25 MB | LINK:
Valerian T20 L'Ordre des Pierres.pdf | 26 MB | LINK:
Valerian T21 L'OuvreTemps.pdf | 35 MB | LINK:
Valerian T22 Souvenirs de Futurs.pdf | 44 MB | LINK:
Valerian - HS1 - Par les chemins de l'espace.pdf | 46 MB | LINK:
Valerian - HS2 - Les mauvais reves.pdf | 44 MB | LINK:
Valerian - HS3 - Le Grand Collectioneur.pdf | 3 MB | LINK:
Valerian - HS4 - Droles de Specimen.pdf | 4 MB | LINK:
Valerian, vu par T01 L'armure du Jakolass.pdf | 27 MB | LINK:


Valerian - Volume 3 - Mondo Senza Stelle.cbr | 29.09 MB | LINK:
Valerian - Volume 4 - Benvenuti su Alflolol.cbr | 42.2 MB | LINK:
Valerian - Volume 5 - Gli Uccelli Follia.cbr | 44.6 MB | LINK:
Valerian - Volume 6 - L'Ambasciatore delle Ombre.cbr | 36.6 MB | LINK:
Valerian - Volume 7 - Sulle Terre Finte.cbr | 33.6 MB | LINK:
Valerian - Volume 8 - Gli Eroi dell'Equinozio.cbr | 37.6 MB | LINK:


Valerian und Veronique 22 - Souvenirs der Zukunft.rar | 210 MB | LINK:


Valerian - Integral T00-20 + 2H… - ES) Scans.rar | 537.1 MB | LINK:


  1. Downloaded the first book (ENG). Opened with 3D Reader. Pages are completely mixed up.

    1. Hi,thx fyi, we've added an alternative title similar with the first book (ENG), this one has 37MB in size, pls see above, we've checked and opened with STDU viewer and everything seems fine. Hope it helps, cheers :)

  2. Thank you very much! 20 years ago I've read it on paper, now I can read it again. Ach...

  3. Hi, I'm having some trouble with the french files. I can't seem to get them to open in any reader or even convert to other ebook formats. I've been looking for this series in french for a long time and any help with this would really be the stuff of heros.

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay. All French files have been fixed and re-uploaded now. Sorry for your inconvenience. Cheers :)

  4. thank you. You are awesome!

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    Great quality work managing this website!

    Isn't Valerian 010 out yet in English? Do you haver your eye out for this?


    1. Hi, we knew Valerian 10 and even number 11 already released in cinebook, but we don't have it yet. Of course we keep an eye on this fantastic series. As soon as we get them, we'll update the list. Pls be patient. Thanks fyi :)

    2. Valerian 011 and 015 updated! Cheers :)

  6. Thank a lot for this! I love this comic. Laureline is an amazing character!

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  8. Many thanks! Any chance of #12 in English?

    1. Added Valerian 12, 13 and 14! Cheers :)

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    1. Hi. We've checked/downloaded ENG #009 Chatelet Station. It's fine. :)

  10. In Dutch, the series is called "Ravian". There's a torrent with all the Dutch comics up to #20.

  11. Hi,
    Is that a chance for tome 0 "LES MAUVAIS REVES" in English?

  12. Valerian and Laureline 002 - The Empire of a Thousand Planets (2011) (Cinebook) (digital) (Lynx-Empire).cbr is no longer available

  13. The English volume 20, Order of the Stones, no longer appears to be working.

    Thanks so much for everything you've made available, by the way.

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